Our Vision

RíOBANDS seeks to create a cleaner, healthier, and happier ocean by eliminating Ocean-Bound Plastic Pollution.

The Problem

According to a study published in 2016, over 22.4 billion pounds of plastic waste flows from rivers and water conveyance systems into the ocean each year, contributing to the ever-growing plastic pollution of our oceans. While efforts are underway to remove plastic waste from our oceans, without a unified, collective effort amongst communities, governments, and organizations to stop the never-ending flow of plastic waste to our oceans, the plastic removed from the ocean will be replenished at a rate that outpaces the removal efforts. Right now, it’s an unwinnable battle.

The RÍOBANDS Solution

Cut off the source of oceanic plastic pollution at the source: Rivers. Through our Three Riverways Program, we are implementing the start of a revolution in the way we battle the onslaught of plastic waste to our oceans.


Support Organizations that Conduct River Cleanups

Through our first riverway, we support non-profit organizations around the world that conduct river cleanups. Supporting these organizations is vital to our goal of preventing the flow of plastic to oceans, as each plastic item removed from a riverbed is one less item that could reach the ocean.


Support Grassroots Programs that Prevent Trash & Plastic Waste from Entering our Environment

Through our second riverway, we support grassroot efforts within river-based communities on a global scale that are working to implement plastic and waste recycling programs for their community members. These efforts are not only key to helping prevent plastic from reaching rivers, but also help to educate the public about the problem we face and that the solution to the global plastic pollution problem starts at the local scale.


Support Organizations that Repurpose Trash & Plastic Waste for Social Good

Through our third riverway, we support non-profit organizations that are utilizing plastic waste to create structures for social good, such as homes, schools, hospitals, and utility infrastructure. This riverway is essential to our mission, as these organizations are taking a non-traditional approach to preventing plastic waste from entering the oceans – by repurposing what would otherwise be waste that could end up in rivers or landfills and creating infrastructure that benefits the community.