Andrew Capobianco

While spending his childhood years in New England, and his adult years living in San Diego and abroad, Andrew developed an affinity for the ocean and all things related to water. From surfing and fishing off the shores of Cape Cod, Australia, and California, to skiing and exploring the mountains and river basins of the Andes Mountains, he has grown to appreciate the interconnectedness of the world’s water systems and understands that no matter where we live, the actions we take can have a lasting global impact.

Andrew has spent time working as an environmental professional in the private, non-profit, and governmental sectors, which has allowed him to gain an understanding of how each can provide an avenue to allow for environmental protection. However, what has become apparent to him is that without a unified effort amongst these three sectors to reach a common goal of achieving environmental sustainability, protection, and preservation, the drive to continue with global economic growth will inevitably lead to environmental degradation.

That is why Andrew created RíOBANDS – a mission-driven company working to support non-profit organizations in their mission to protect our environment and bring about social, educational and legal changes that work towards creating a healthier, happier and cleaner planet. His passion for developing a solution to this environmental protection disconnect in our social system is what drives his work, and is why he believes that RíOBANDS, as it continues to evolve and grow, can be an asset in our global fight to clean, preserve, and protect our rivers and oceans.

Andrea Stumpf

From an early age, Andrea developed a passion for travel and connecting with people and cultures around the world. Whether it was Guatemala, Thailand, India or Spain, throughout her journeys she was inspired by one thought: no matter who we are, or where we call home – we are the same. We all inhabit this one, awe-inspiring planet and it’s up to each of us to care for it.

With this realization in mind, Andrea has spent her time working to create a better world for all. It was her passion of bringing people together combined with helping heal the planet that helped to create RíOBANDS for the purpose of doing just that.

Having seen first-hand how the inspired efforts of a few can make a positive impact, she also knows how the inspired passions of many can change the world. With RíOBANDS, she believes we can each play a part and get to the source of the plastic pollution problem, and together we can clean our riverways and oceans and…our “home."