What's With the WaveDrop?

Riobands WaveDrop Ocean Bracelet

Why do we love our WaveDrop Bracelet design you ask? Well, let us fill you in on why we think it’s pretty dang cool…

RioBands WaveDrop Bracelets

We designed the WaveDrop Bracelet to represent way more than just a rad-looking fashion statement. The meaning behind the drop and the wave is DEEP...just like the ocean. Let's think this one through together.


You, me, and everyone else...we're all just individuals. Each of us just “one drop," flowing about our day much like a river, flowing down the same path each day to the ocean.

Each individual drop, by itself, won't change the flow of the river...but when you have hundreds, millions, even billions of drops coming together to form a powerful force, change happens. The course of the river is altered.

There are 7+ billion people (or drops) on this planet. What can one person do by them-self to enact change? They're not going change the flow of a river, that's for sure...but when each of us join together to support a cause, to enact change, we become more than just a "drop." We become a WAVE. We become a FORCE. A force that alters the flow of the river to the ocean. This is what each WaveDrop Bracelet represents - One Drop to Create a Wave of Change.


When we all band together (ríobandits), we become a force that can effect change. EACH ONE OF YOU can be the drop that changes the course of humanity’s fight to save our oceans and rivers from plastic pollution.

Through the RíOBANDS Three Riverways Program, we are empowering communities and organizations to fight against the onslaught of plastic waste flowing to our oceans through rivers. For each product sold, we donate 100% of the profits to organizations that are working to clean rivers, prevent plastic pollution, and repurposing plastic waste for social good. Join our RíOBANDITS Tribe today and help create #cleanrivershappyoceans.


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