Clean River free of plastic waste and pollution

Clean Rivers

Happy Oceans

Let's End Ocean-Bound Plastic Pollution Together

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17.6 billion pounds

~the amount of plastic that flows into our oceans each year~


Keeping it Clean with RiOBANDS

Clean Rivers ~ Happy Oceans

Become a River Warrior

With the Launch of our River Cleanup Partnership

Find out how YOU CAN OWN a piece of the solution to clean the most polluted river on earth.

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The WaveDrop Bracelet

wavedrop ocean bracelet

Designed By Us

A Wave + A Water Drop: The WaveDrop Bracelet combines two amazing resources into one - freshwater rivers and wave-filled oceans.

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riobands wavedrop ocean bracelet

Made For You

Every bracelet is unique - we hand craft and customize each bracelet in house, giving you a one-of-a-kind look.

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ocean bound plastic pollution

To stop ocean-bound plastic pollution in its tracks

With every purchase, you can help stop plastic pollution from flowing to the ocean.

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With Riobands, You will help...

river cleanups

Fund River Cleanups

All profits are used to empower the river cleanup organizations we suppport. 

collect plastic waste

Collect Mismanaged Waste

Every purchase helps us collect and remove ocean-bound plastic waste.

repurpose plastic waste

Reuse plastic for social good

You can help turn plastic waste into schools & homes in developing countries.

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